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Surge Energy Gels Original Citrus
  • Surge Energy Gels Original Citrus

    Surge Energy Gels


    Box of 5 - £1.80 each

    Box of 20 - £1.45 each

    Box of 40 - £1.18 each

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    • Carbohydrate based energy gel
    • 30g of carbohydrates per gel
    • 2:1 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose allowing intake of up to 90g+ of carbohydrates per hour
    • Enhances energy levels before and during workouts
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    • Contains 10% more electrolytes to replenish salts lost due to sweat
    • One squeeze and the gel is gone
    • Designed and developed by athletes for athletes
    • Formulated by sports nutritionists


    Surge Energy Gels have been designed and developed to provide instant energy to the body for 20-30 minutes. With two tasty flavours, 30g of carbohydrates per 50g gel, and added electrolytes, it is a game changer for that quick energy boost.


    When creating this product we needed to ensure that we had a gel that was filled with carbohydrates. We wanted our gel to have more carbohydrates than our competitors without hindering the taste of the gel.


    Therefore after lots of work and sampling with our athletes and sports nutritionists we found a great balance of a great tasting gel with a huge amount of carbohydrates. In addition we developed a gel that is only 50g. Most brands have gels that can be between 60g-100g and still have a smaller amount of carbohydrates than ours…


    It is clear to see we have created an extremely powerful gel for a fraction of the size.


    Surge Energy gels have a smooth texture and are easily digestible. To delivery this we had to formulate a perfect thickness to the gel.


    Furthermore, when designing the gel we wanted it to be small. T