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360 Coaching

At 360, our aim is to help our clients be the best they can be. We understand that not everyone is the next Chris Froome or Sebastian Coe. We do, however, understand that most people are capable of much more, given the right type of support.

Our tailored coaching package for all disciplines includes:

  • A free consultation to determine your goals and how we can best help you to achieve them.

  • Training history review

  • Weekly individual training plan delivered via Training Peaks*

  • Ongoing feedback analysed and delivered via Training Peaks*

  • Unlimited communication

  • Plan edits as required

  • ​ERG Mode workouts which can be completed in Zwift

  • Access to 360cycling group workouts and rides on Zwift

*Fully compatible with free or premium Training Peaks account


This complete package for only £90 per month with no on going contract

The support we offer and specialise in, focuses on three essential components:

1. Healthy body weight.

Targeting the correct body mass for an individual is crucial for performance and wellbeing. At 360, we can advise on the best products and food types for you, as an individual. We use food

diaries to track a client's eating habits, before gradually encouraging them to adapt to a more sustainable and beneficial way of eating. This can involve changing food types or amounts and times of consumption (we find most of our clients simply eat the wrong things at the wrong time). We have all tried to change our eating habits at some points in our lives, with limited effect. At 360, we ensure that the changes you make are going to have the maximum impact when helping to achieve your goals.

We have a mix of clients: some require changes to encourage improved strength and often weight gain, others require help to lose weight. We track diet to performance to ensure both areas are covered. If used as part of a training package, diet can be changed to fit a particular training block or goal.

2. Improved fitness level

This is a key area for all our clients. Improved fitness can become a powerful drug that will help anyone reach a target or goal. We use various methods to determine a client's fitness:

Heart rate



Recovery and power (which form the base metrics we use)

Feedback from our clients (this plays a critical role in everything we do)

We specialise in block training; these blocks can be used to target a specific event or challenge. Many of our clients simply want to improve their level of fitness - to play with the kids or be ready for a charity event. We tailor programmes for you as an individual, to ensure you are ready for a set day. We like to teach and share information on all our journeys, our ultimate aim is to change the way our clients train and challenge themselves, as they move forward. With the right structure, anyone can improve.

3. Education

Success only really happens when we achieve a long-term sustainable lifestyle change. We strive to explain every action and every reaction we see. Often the plan needs to be changed and it is critical that the client understands why a change is being made and what they should expect from it. At 360, we aim to leave clients with a clear understanding of any programmes set and the reasoning behind them. We operate a very clear and open line of communication with our clients, the process is always a two way one.

Don't take our word for it, read our testimonials or contact us to find out more and arrange a consultation.

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