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Coaching was not something I had considered at all, as a mum to 2 young boys, a wife and working (almost) full time I assumed it would be impossible to fit in any training other than the odd Sunday club social ride which I love. I couldn't have been more wrong, the pandemic and lockdown have taught me to make sure I make time for myself and that is when I started to think about increasing my fitness and the possibility of racing again. 

I have been working with 360 Cycling for the past 8 weeks now and gone from strength to strength, I have competed in three 10 mile time trials and already beat my all time PB which was my original goal. My weight has come down without too much effort and I am enjoying the variety of training sessions which fit in with my increasingly busy family life! I'm looking forward to my next goal - a sub 25 min 10 mile TT.

Katherine Swithenbank

I was taken under the wing of 360 Cycling just over 2 years ago; at the time i was an OK rider with more of a "Strava warrior" and "attack KOM's" attitude and wasn't too interested in racing. I'd done a few 10 mile time trials and a road race or two and found I was out of my depth so decided to embark on a proper training regime. Enter 360 cycling; after looking at my data two things were obvious the first being my base was hopeless and secondly my power meter was over estimating my power by about 10%. With the base line number established accurate power/HR zones were set up and the base training commenced. As a father of three with a full time job time is precious; the training normally consists of 8 to 10 hours per week of quality well constructed work outs. What is 100% clear to see the training is not generic and its tailored to the riders needs, as my base improved we shifted zones as they improved. Once a good base line was established the top end was then investigated. 360 Cycling always seem to know when things need to shift up a gear or go back to basics. If I have a race coming up the weeks schedule changes to incorporate rest and activation etc, no races then base/top end work continues aplomb. After 2 years of training the gains have been extraordinary never did I think I would be able to ride at such a high level, what's even more amazing is I still seem to be improving at the ripe old age of 50. The goal of a sub 21 minute 10 mile TT as a lightweight rider doesn't seem to be beyond the realms of possibility! So its a big thanks to 360 cycling from me and long may it continue!!

Kevin Blades

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