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The Everesting Challenge!

The challenge is on! Members of 360Cycling set themselves a unique challenge of cycling the equivalent of Everest in just 24 hours. That's almost 9000 metres of total elevation gain!

One recording device was swapped around riders recording altitude gains with only one rider gaining altitude at any one time.

With the age limit range being between 5-12 years old, the challenge required real strength, endurance and motivation - which we knew our riders had!

Our Everesting took place on Holly Mount Lane in Greenmount, Bury, as this is a route that should provide the necessary steepness and ensure the challenge is conducted in a safe environment. 334 laps of the route was necessary to complete in order to succeed in this challenge!

A phenomenal £4371 has been raised by the group for the amazing local facility, Bury Hospice. We are incredibly proud of the group and are incredibly proud of their efforts.

Follow us on our social media pages to keep in the loop for our upcoming events-

INSTAGRAM: 360_cycling_offical

FACEBOOK: 360 Cycling

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